Our braced tower project in Andalusia, a success story for Dlublal

Lasser Eólica in its wind-braced tower installation project in Andalusia is presented as a success story for the European engineering software provider Dlubal.

Dlublal Software is a European structure analysis and dimensioning software company, which Lasser Eólica trusts to perform the structure calculation in our engineering department.

In the measurement work, our team relies on Dublal’s RSTAB program, through the 3D structural analysis of bars, for the calculation of structures of bars composed of steel and other materials, with which we obtain reliable structural models for our projects.

Lasser Eólica’s technical and engineering team calculates the relevant actions such as ice and wind that depend on the location for each individual project, in order to obtain a model that is closest to the actual stresses of the materials.

The load is entered with TOWER Loading. For the design calculation together with the overall stability behavior, the team uses the STEEL EC3 and RSBUCK programs.

Mast- braced-for-measurements_dlubal.com

Braced mast project for wind performance measurements

Last December we traveled to Andalusia to install one of the tallest towers, 100 meters high. We successfully completed your installation and data evaluation on the braced mast for wind performance measurements for one of our clients.

For this reason, Dlubal Software has placed us as a reference success story in its installation, execution and data measurement, with the use of its software, as you can see in its mention “Braced mast for wind performance measurements in Andalusia, Spain ”

In each and every one of our projects we seek to achieve as much wind permeability as possible. Therefore, the towers consist of tubular steel lattices with a triangular ground floor. For each plane, three sets of prestressed cables are used to stabilize the tower at different heights.

To avoid measurement errors during data collection, measurement devices such as anemometer and vane must be positioned by level arms at a certain distance and at a certain height from the tower surface according to ISO 61400-12-1.

You can see our project in Andalusia, its installation and execution in our video:

At Lasser Eólica, we not only install and maintain towers for measurement, we also provide structure calculation services, advice, equipment maintenance, custom manufacturing, etc.

If you need a project for measurement, data processing, the installation or maintenance of structures or you require a turnkey project by a world leader in its segment, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you.


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