Lasser Eólica becomes a global partner of Carl C A / S


Lasser Eólica, partner of Carl C A / S at a global level, orders a total of 6 self-supporting towers during the month of October. These towers will serve in different wind farms for measuring the power curve certification and subsequent control of the wind farm, with heights between 83.5 and 118 meters.

Carl C A / S is the first manufacturer globally in both volume and manufacturing quality, widely recognized throughout the industry and is the benchmark tower in the market.

Many producers of lower level and capacity have tried to launch products with similar characteristics, but they have not reached in any case the contrasted qualities and reliability demonstrated by the Danish giant.

Perfect elements for wind resource measurement: Carl C A / S

Measurement of wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, and air pressure are vitally important in measuring the attractiveness of building a wind farm. Also after the construction of the wind farm, it is necessary to measure the energy produced against the prevailing weather conditions.

Obtaining actual measurements is crucial in selecting the right wind turbine for the conditions. There are many cases where inaccurate measurements have had fatal consequences for the success and profitability of a wind farm.

To guarantee ideal wind measurements for our customers, the MET tower from Carl C. A/S has the best conditions to obtain wind measurements, complying with the IEC 61400 standard and with a maximum wind flow distortion of 1%.

Therefore, we know exactly how long all the elements of the sensor assembly must be to comply with this standard and therefore provide our customers with real and very reliable measurements.


tower mounting

Towers up to 200 meters

Carl C. A / S freestanding metal towers are designed for heights up to 200m. The slim, streamlined design on solid, round steel bars ensures minimal impact to the wind conditions around the tower, plus the readings are as accurate and reliable as possible.

They are towers designed to be able to overcome extreme weather conditions in coastal areas, or where the terrain is flat without trees or other obstructions.

Carl C. A / S tower sizing and calculations are performed by external consulting engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in tower construction. These calculations are made in accordance with regulations such as the Eurocode and Scandinavian or British standards. IEC standards are often of great importance for strength calculations performed for meteorological towers.

For all this, from Lasser Eólica we hope that the agreement reached with Carl C A / S will be maintained for many years and will translate into assemblies all over the world.

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