Lasser Eólica opens its subsidiary in Morocco


Lasser Eólica establishes its subsidiary Lasser Wind Africa in Morocco, within its international expansion plan and opens a delegation in the African market through its subsidiary based in Casablanca.

Morocco represents a great exponent within the continent as one of the countries most committed to the expansion of renewable energies, specifically in the development and implementation of a large number of wind farms distributed throughout its geography.

Not only will this area of ​​the Maghreb be covered, but thanks to the excellent relations of this country with the rest of the African states, Lasser Wind Africa will develop as a hub for the transit of merchandise and the provision of services, it will strengthen the position of Wind Lasser in the area allowing a better and faster service in its area of ​​influence.

Casablanca is positioned as the best business city in the area, currently being an economic and human meeting point with international relevance that serves as a catalyst for the entire area.

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