Lasser eolica acquires 4 Lidar units model ZX300

Lasser Eólica acquires 4 Lidar model ZX300 units, as a global partner of NRG Systems. A complete and mature remote sensing solution. The equipment is capable of collecting 1 second data with real time quality control. The use and management of its interface are simple to guarantee configuration and navigation without complications.

Lidar is one of the most important references in the sector for its optimal collection of precise and profitable data at high altitude. A technology that NRG Systems knows perfectly well, with more than 10 years of experience, and which is perfect for installation in wind turbines or the evaluation of resources, among others.

Besides the great capabilities of this procedure for measuring wind, including its characteristics and turbulence, it also enables different applications such as air quality management, weather intelligence, aviation and research.

What are the benefits of Lidar model ZX300?

  • Fully classified by IEC according to IEC 61400-12-1: 2017
  • Accepted by DNV GL as a Bankable Phase 3 Lidar
  • Reduced measurement uncertainty
  • Requires little to no site preparation and no planning permission
  • Performance verification against Golden Lidar

Lasser Eólica provides remote measurement services through the commissioning of rental or leasing as support and reinforcement of wind resource measurement campaigns.

Commissioning also involves the need for remote power supply. Together with measurement, Lasser Eólica has developed a trailer that transports and houses the complete system, providing safety and aesthetics at the forefront of what is seen in the market.

Currently all equipment is at full performance, with availability measurements of 100% and with a percentage of valid data greater than 96%.

The acquisition of the Lidar equipment and its feeding systems has meant a high investment, given the high quality of the tools, which once again demonstrates the capacity of Lasser Eólica in the market.

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