Lasser Power Track (LPT): The Innovative Resource Measurement Solution


Lasser Eólica continues with the commissioning of its NRG-ZX300 lidar units. Lidar remote system measurements represent the vanguard, both for the resource phases, for power curve certifications, and for eliminating uncertainties in any type of terrain.

The remote systems available in the market have ample accreditation and compliance with regulations that ensure and validate your data, but not in all cases success is guaranteed. Its high electricity consumption (24 hours) represents in most cases an important handicap for developers, engineering companies or installation companies.

Takes advantage with this technology in your projects

Lasser Eólica as Global Partner NRG Systems and in its commitment to this type of service, studied all the alternatives available in the market with two premises:

  • Get an accumulator charging system with a safety factor of at least 3 times the needs.
  • Have a maintenance-free system.

Although many current systems are capable of providing the necessary energy, they depend on a high degree of replacement and maintenance, which forces multiple actions to be carried out that increase the final price of the service.

Therefore, our ZX300 units are integrated into the Lasser Power Track (LPT) unit, which can be transported by any towed vehicle.

It includes all the systems necessary for its control, both on site and remotely, and completely free of any type of maintenance, ensuring 100% equipment availability.

The LPT units can be configured for any type of climate, incorporating additional ones such as heating, cooling, surveillance system, remote access, among others.

All the internal systems come from the leading brands on the market, which allows in the event of future breakdowns or wear and tear to get the necessary spare parts anywhere in the world.

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