Europe’s largest specialist in wind measurement


Our system and technicians are certified and qualified to comply with the required standards such as ISO 9001, EN 1090, IEC 61400 and GWO.


We work closely with engineers, manufacturers and consulting companies to obtain the best and most optimal solutions for your project. We’ll take care of almost the entire project so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Lasser Eólica was born with new strength, new potential and new ideas. For the past 25 years, the company has had the most growth in the sector, which makes us the market leaders as of today.


Lasser Eólica was born in 2017 as a result of the integration of several trademarks that had been in the market since 1991.

We were spread out among different European countries, so we felt the need to merge into one group that would be unique yet the same in any country of the world. That way, we could properly work with our clients anywhere around the globe with one objective: to be different.

Lasser Eólica provides installation, maintenance, monitoring and engineering services to measure wind and, in particular, to promote and operate wind farms.

Our main objective is the development and promotion of wind farms. Not only do we have extensive experience in this field, but the confidence our customers have had in us throughout the years. We’ve established ourselves as a European reference company in wind measurement for the promotion and control of wind farms.


Lasser Eólica manufactures and distributes all types of towers and meters for wind measurement.


Our reliable assembly and measurement technicians handle all types of projects.


We have an engineering team that prepares all kinds of projects or works as support for our customers.

Our Mission

With this philosophy, availability and service of the whole chain that integrates any business (clients, suppliers, employees…), our mission is to be different and to be able to meet clients’ demands in a particular and individual manner.

Our Vision

At Lasser Eólica we provide a company vision with the following components:

– To be a reference in quality and efficiency for technical services related to wind measurement.

– To offer our customers the best product and quality of service at a reasonable price in every part of the market.

– To increase the value of the company, developing service diversity and always aiming at achieving the best of quality.

– Maintain profitable and sustainable business growth without losing service capacity, quality and innovation.

Occupational safety is a priority. We care for and develop all necessary systems and equipment to stay at a permanent “zero accidents”.


Correct measurements can greatly improve your investment. Lasser is a strategic partner of NRG Systems, and together we offer campaigns using towers and remote systems (Lidar).

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