Lasser Eólica shows a braced tower assembly


Lasser Eólica has released its new presentation video in which it shows from beginning to end the assembly of a 100 meter high braced tower in a strategic location in Andalusia, in which the client hopes to obtain valuable wind resource data through the assembly of precision and measurement instruments of the American company NRG Systems.

The resulting assembly speaks for itself given the spectacular nature of the environment and the assembly itself, carried out by a highly specialized human team and trained to assemble these structures in the shortest time possible  but with all the quality standards required by legislation, by the client and by our internal control standards.

On this occasion, due to the added difficulty of poor access to the site , it was necessary to use a logistics helicopter that allowed the transfer of equipment and material to the chosen place.

This type of structure is the most requested by our clients but we also make assemblies of self-supporting towers . In other areas, we also carry out engineering work, dealing with the calculation of structures, advice on different stages of the process , the subsequent maintenance of these structures or custom manufacturing, which are hallmarks of Lasser Wind, the specialist division of Lasser for the measurement of wind resources.

If you need advice or budgeting for a braced or self-supporting tower project, call our specialists and start making your project come true.

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