Carlos Vicente Clavería: “Lasser Eólica leads its market niche internationally”


Our commercial director, Carlos Vicente Clavería, welcomes us to tell us about the present and future of our company, which is committed to innovation and a more sustainable global development.

Lasser Eólica is in a continuous process of innovation within the wind resource measurement sector worldwide. Its success in its international market niche lies in its deep knowledge in the assembly of structures and systems for the measurement of wind resources, a necessary and important aspect for the development of future wind farms.

The assembly of metal towers that serve as support for the measurement and study of wind power is a service in high demand by large engineering companies and companies in the energy sector and their subsidiaries, in order to assess the need and type of wind turbines to be located in an area that wants to dedicate itself to wind exploitation. It is a complex and demanding job that requires great engineering and advanced logistics coordination.

The sector grows annually by 10% and was already generating 21% of energy demand in 2019. With these numbers, it ranks as the second energy technology in the mix only behind nuclear energy, according to the latest published data from the Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE, Wind Business Association in english) and its macroeconomic study of the impact of the wind sector in Spain 2019.

The main service of our company consists of the installation and maintenance of towers, both braced and self-supported, with a height of up to 180 meters, in locations throughout the globe.

It also performs the necessary maintenance of both towers and measuring equipment, conducts engineering studies and data processing, and carries out customer training projects and demonstrations.

Engineering and innovation, keys to our success

Our engineering team is a fundamental element in the development of each project, in which software technologies applied to leading European structures and engineering are used. The analysis of the data obtained and its treatment are also important services for many of its clients at national, European or global level.

Carlos Vicente Clavería, its commercial director and a key piece in its business development, has created a high-performance team that knows the business in depth. “Our growth is exponential since our creation in 2017, doubling figures each year and extending our services to more than 20 countries throughout the world”.

“There is a lot of hard work behind a very committed technical team and a commitment to technology that make us unique in the market, in addition to a great  alliances policy with large partners and of providing turnkey services that add great value to our clients ”adds the commercial director.

Lasser Power Track, an innovation in measurement

One of our developments is the creation by your R&D department of a portable resource measurement vehicle equipped with LIDAR technology from NRG Systems.

Our latest innovation is called Lasser Power Track (LPT). This device allows the transport and supply of any remote measurement system, guaranteeing 100% availability and less maintenance.

Our company has been developed to know how to adapt to the change in the energy paradigm in which we are gradually finding ourselves. From Europe, a large part of the promised investment should go to innovation projects, digitization and the use of efficient energies, so this sector will continue to develop as it has been in the last 10 years and its services will be demanded by this booming industry.

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