A conversation with Carlos Vicente Clavería on the prospects for wind energy in Spain.


Although the world economy has vastly suffered from the effects of the pandemic, slowing down general activity and investment, it is also true that the clean energy industry seems to be one of the few that will maintain positive values, being one of the main pillars for the development of new job opportunities and greater investment developments by large companies and states. In a conversation with Lasser Eólica´s Sales Manager , Carlos Vicente Clavería told us about his impressions by mid-2021.

State of the wind energy industry

Wind energy is in this day and age the second positioned technology in the energy mix, increasingly closer to reach the first position, occupied by nuclear energy.

Data extracted from the latest studies carried out by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) for the first quarter of 2021 show that wind energy already covers 29.9% of demand, being the total wind power production from last year amounting to 53,645 GWh.

Spain is currently the world’s fifth largest wind power producer, behind China, the USA, Germany and India. During the past year, 1,720 MW of wind power were installed, being the province of Aragón the most outstanding for its increase in wind energy, closely followed by Navarra and Castilla y León.

Wind energy avoids the discharge into the atmosphere of 90 million tons of CO2 per year.

Lasser Eólica, taking the lead of the wind industry

Despite of having only 4 years of trajectory, it is one of the most remarkable examples of innovation within a niche sector of great development. Its worldwide success in its market is based on its profound knowledge in the installation of wind resource measurement systems, a crucial aspect for the development of future wind farms.

“There is a great demand for our services due to the development and forecasts for the development of this industry. With energy rising at maximum costs, governments are promoting sustainable energy sources at European and global scale to cover the growing demand, and wind energy is one of the major exponents of this change”,  states Carlos Vicente Clavería, Sales Manager of Lasser Eólica. “The domestic market also continues to push, in consonance with other leading countries in our environment,” he adds.

“The assembling of metal towers for the measurement and study of wind power is a service in great demand by large engineering firms and companies within the energy sector and their subsidiaries, in order to evaluate the need and the type of wind turbines to be placed in an area that intends to engage in wind energy exploitation. It is a complex and demanding job that requires a great deal of engineering work and a very proactive logistical work”, says Carlos Vicente Clavería about Lasser Eólica’s work.

Lasser Eólica has its core business in the installation and maintenance of towers, both guyed and self-supported, with a height of up to 180 meters and in locations all over the world.

Also provides the necessary maintenance of both, towers and measuring equipment, engineering studies and data processing, and carries out customer training projects and demonstrations.

“Lasser Eólica is a world reference in a growing niche and represents a good example of a Spanish company that is committed to R&D and green energy”, Carlos Vicente Clavería.

The company is supported by leading partners in Europe and worldwide in different aspects of its value chain, among them the Danish company Carl-C A/S, the American company NRG Systems, the Italian company Sartelco Sistemi and the Spanish company Ferroval.

Always looking for innovation: Lasser Power Track (LPT)

One of its latest innovations is the creation by its R&D department of a portable resource measurement vehicle equipped with LIDAR radar technology from NRG Systems.

“The new product we are already commercializing is called Lasser Power Track (LPT). This high-tech mobile measurement station allows the transport and power supply of any remote measurement system guaranteeing 100% availability and maintenance-free, and perfectly complements our range of equipment for resource measurement,” adds Carlos Vicente Clavería.

The remote measurement systems (LIDAR) allow much more efficient measurements at different points and at different heights on a site with great precision, which is a revolution in the sector in terms of its application and the services it enables.

It is powered autonomously which makes it a portable alternative to measuring towers when the site and environmental conditions are suitable.

Soon we will open a new headquarters in Zaragoza

In addition, in the coming weeks Lasser Eólica will put into operation a new headquarters in Zaragoza, new facilities that have more than 2,000 square meters for offices and the storage of material prior to assembly. This space will serve for where all the company’s services will be developed, increasing the stock and facilitating the logistics of future projects.

With this new provision of infrastructures, the logistical capacities of the Lasser Eólica teams will be increased, which will translate into greater agility when starting the assemblies. As soon as they are operational, we will announce it on our website.

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