Lasser Eólica attends to Wind Europe Fair 2022

Visit our Lasser Eólica stand at the Wind Europe Fair, which will be held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in the city of Bilbao from 5 to 7 April 2022, presenting the latest news from Spanish and international companies related to the drinks, wind energy, food and renewable energy sectors.

The last WindEurope Annual Event in Bilbao in 2019 attracted 300 exhibitors and 8,500 visitors, creating an economic impact of over €10 million in GDP terms. The next event will come at a pivotal time for the European wind industry; a key sector that the EU and national governments are counting on to help achieve Europe’s climate and energy goals.

Come and visit us at the Wind Europe Fair. Find us at STAND 3-B64


Wind represents 16% of Europe’s electricity consumption today. The EU wants it to be half that by 2050, with electricity playing a much bigger role in the energy mix. That implies a huge expansion of wind power: from 180 GW in the EU today to 1,300 GW by 2050, according to WindEurope. Wind energy will thus become Europe’s main source of electricity by the end of the 2020s.

At present, according to data from the European employers’ organisation, wind energy employs 300,000 people throughout Europe and contributes 37 billion euros per year to the EU’s GDP. Each new wind turbine generates an average of 10 million euros of economic activity.

Europe’s second largest wind energy market

Spain is Europe’s second largest wind energy market. It has 27 GW of wind farms that generated 60 TWh in 2020 and contributed 22% of electricity. By 2030, the government is projecting 50 GW of wind power.

Another fact is that the new Contract-for-Difference auction in Spain now offers the cheapest wind power in Europe: 20-28 €/MWh. WindEurope’s CEO also believes that the rapid advance of floating wind power will allow Spain to start developing offshore wind farms. And Spanish companies are at the forefront of Europe’s emerging renewable hydrogen economy.



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