The Lasser Eólica and Carl-C success story: World leading numbers


Lasser Eólica, a partner company of Carl-C, closed the 2019 and 2020 financial years as the first company in the sector worldwide in the 2019 financial year and the first in 2020 (except Denmark) by volume of purchase units. During both years, a total of 36 tower units between 78 and 118 meters have been acquired by Lasser Eólica.

The main purpose of these structures acquired in these years is the definitive measurement for wind farms (permanent tower), although in many cases they have been used in previous phases of Site Calibration and Power Curve certification.

A successful agreement in the sector

Clients of all kinds from engineering, consulting or wind farm operation have trusted in the main binomial of the market, both for experience, quality and volume of work contracted, keeping both companies in the first place in the ranking of the sector.

In the words of its Carl-C global sales director, Michael Jørgensen, “the commercial relationship between our companies is fully satisfactory and both companies are jointly collaborating on a growth strategy, both in terms of market share and sales for the coming years”.

Carl-C is the first manufacturer in the world of permanent wind farm towers and absolute reference in the market, maintaining as the only criterion the quality of the product against the copy and low prices of competitors who have tried unsuccessfully to clone their products.

After past tests and agreements with other suppliers, Lasser Eólica decided to trust Carl-C as its only supplier of self-supporting masts, maintaining an optimal degree of satisfaction by fully complying with the high quality criteria of our engineering department.

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